V.I.P Access

Have custom beats made, Schedule photo and video shoots, Get your songs featured on top streaming playlists, and more

Sounding the way you envision is important


Your sound is your brand!

In this package get up to 10 songs mix and mastered! Need more? No problem. you can bundle this service with any other service. 


Lets make your sound come to life


Videos that enhance your audio!

In this  package you will receive 2 star quality video shoots. (Price includes 2 twelve hour video shoots plus editing).  


Look as good as you sound


Your image speaks volumes!

This  package includes 4 photoshoots, and editing. Let us help you get a flawless look.


Cover Art

When it comes to first impressions, we can help you make the best one. 


Get your name out there with promotion!!

Promotion is the most essential part of success. Its what makes dreams reality. 

this package social media growth, Television placements, Prominent billboard advertising, and more.  

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